Who we are

Born out of necessity

Pozentivity Inc. not only focuses on feeding the mind, body, and soul—as traditional retreats do—but it also addresses the ambitions of career-oriented women through its unique programming. Finally, professional women have an opportunity to connect and collaborate with their peers on their journeys to achieving their goals.

Everything you need in life is within your reach. The first step requires you being aware of all the possibilities open to you,
including the recognition of all your strengths and opportunities for growth.

Definition of Pozentivity:
Achieving the extraordinary by seeing the good in even difficult situations, being self-aware, being present and being an enlightened leader. Pozentivity isn’t just a word, but a way of life.

Not your traditional retreat

At Pozentivity, we take a different approach to traditional retreats by offering a unique experience, combining personal and professional development together with active leadership, high-end spa experiences, relaxation and peer-to-peer networking, allowing women to relax, reflect and reconnect.
Pozentivity retreats teach women how to live a Pozentivity lifestyle by focusing on the following areas:

Unlike traditional retreats that focus solely on health and wellness, such as yoga/meditation retreats or leadership training sessions that focus entirely on learning, Pozentivity offers a unique combination of both.

We are committed to…


We focus on supporting accomplished/aspiring and ambitious Professional Women and creating peer-to-peer learning environments.


Personal & Professional Development using tools & resources unique to Pozentivity that are designed to help women understand where they are today, where they want to be, and how to get there.


A Premium Retreat for women to share, learn and grow in beautiful and inspiring locations across North America, with access to exceptional spas and high quality food experiences.


Helping women to enjoy the journey and achieve a higher level of happiness and success as their authentic selves. Encouraging women to be bold, fearless and resilient.

The Pozentivity Experience

Feel stuck in your life? Know that you are capable of more?
Feeling overwhelmed and so busy you’re unable to enjoy life?

Pozentivity Retreats are designed to help you find well-being and balance, while also promoting professional development.
Our retreats are designed to help participants step away from their hectic, high-stress lives and focus on achieving:

A heightened sense of self-awareness

Clarification of life, career & personal goals

Removal of
self-limiting beliefs

Innovative solutions to personal & professional challenges

A higher level of self-confidence & empowerment

The skills necessary to make positive changes in your life

Finding a sense of purpose and passion for life

An expanded peer support network with like-minded women

The inspiration & motivation to take your career to the next level

Meet the Founder

Jennifer Ladouceur, MBA, Ec.D.
Founder & President, Pozentivity Inc./Super SheEO™ Activator

Jennifer is driven by constantly challenging the status quo. While taking a diverse career path holding leadership roles in the private and public sectors, she has always been committed to thinking differently, innovating and creating positive change, while focusing on building strong teams and inspiring those around her to achieve new heights.

All her personal and professional experiences have led Jennifer to this point – the founding of Pozentivity Inc. having recognized a need in the market for career-oriented women to escape their busy lives and focus on self-reflection and professional development.

Jennifer successfully co-founded Ideacia ONE Inc., a national business strategy, marketing, grants and M&A consulting firm with offices from coast-to-coast across Canada, which was sold to a global tax firm “Ryan ULC”. Most recently, in her previous role as the Director of Economic Development and Culture at the City of Vaughan, she was responsible for founding the Vaughan International Commercialization Centre created to help companies commercialize into North America technologies from Israel, China and Italy. Read more

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