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Nordik Nature-Spa & Alpine Lodge, Quebec (3-Day Retreat’s)

Feeling overwhelmed and so busy that you’re unable to enjoy life?

In today’s increasingly frantic pace of life, what women need the most
is time away where they can focus on themselves in a quiet and peaceful place, where they reflect on their lives, re-connect with themselves
and regenerate.

Pozentivity retreats are designed to help you find well-being and balance, while also promoting professional leadership development.

Join us for our first retreat at Nordik Nature-Spa.
Book today, spots are limited!


Nordik Nature-Spa
16 chemin Nordik, Chelsea (Québec) J9B 2P7

Only 10 Minutes from Downtown Ottawa

Nordik Nature-Spa in North America’s largest spa.

Wrapped in your bathrobe, you breathe in the pure air of nature, contemplate
the forest, and listen to the sound of the great waterfall.

Saunas, whirlpools and multiple pools with crystal clear water invites you to a ritual dating back two thousand years. A magical ritual that will make you forget the stress of your daily life and live a dream-like moment, where you can be in the optimal environment for self-reflection.

Beautiful Alpina Lodge with Mountain Views

Many of the Pozentivity Retreat sessions will be held in the Alpina Lodge, which is perched atop the Nordik Road.

The Alpina Lodge offers stunning views of the Gatineau Hills and downtown Ottawa.

This lodge will also act as a home base for women during the day, while in session or during self-reflection, personal and spa time.

For a virtual tour of the Aplina Lodge, go online to https://www.lenordik.com/en/alpina-lodge/

What to Expect

Prior to the Retreat

Participants will receive a beautiful package in the mail, the Pozentivity Retreat Welcome Package and an online Self-Assessment Survey will be e-mailed to all participants.

With ample time to rest, relax, enjoy nature and the beautiful spa, you will also benefit from professional leadership development sessions designed by accomplished trainers and successful business leaders.

All activities are designed to help women to grow by leveraging their pre-existing strengths, through fun, engaging and thought-provoking activities.

Day 1 – Starting the Journey

Pozentivity Retreat Opening Ceremony, Dinner and Group Photo

Private tour of Nordik Spa-Nature by owner

Experience the Källa treatment, a unique salt-water floating pool that allows
you to feel weightlessness in the quiet atmosphere of its underground location.
Nordik Spa-Nature’s Källa pool is only the second of its kind in the world
(the other being in Switzerland).

All meals and snacks will be approved by a Certified Nutritional Practitioner on site during the entire duration of the retreat

Day 2 – Exploration & Relaxation


Begin the day with Meditation and Yoga

Nutritional Breakfast

Training Session: Retreat leader will begin by discussing
What is Authentic Leadership. Women will explore questions such as where do you find meaning? How do you live it out today? Strategies for maximizing your leadership and creative ways to achieve your goals.

Group Workshop: (Step 1) “Explore where you are today in your life.” Answering the questions of where do you find meaning and how do you live it out today? Getting to know the real you.

Independent Exercise: Strengths Preference Indicator Exercise designed to help you identify your strengths and opportunities for growth personally and professionally.


Nutritional Lunch

Training Session: Retreat leader will guide participants through a session designed to help them
(Step 2) “Explore What’s Possible in all areas of your life.” – dream of all that is possible personally and professionally. Women will also identify the pitfalls of living without authenticity. As well as exploring what really matters to them, living from your core values.

Independent/Group Exercise: Participants will begin to learn the process of releasing, by (Step 3) “Identifying Reasons they believe they will not achieve their desired goals, identification of Self-Limiting Thoughts.” Retreat leader will begin teaching how the women can (Step 4) “Release these Self-Limiting Thoughts.”

Free time: Providing participants with an opportunity to use
Nordik Spa-Nature facilities or to participate on a guided nature walk
through the beautiful Gatineau Park, the National Capital Region’s
conservation park covering over 36,131 hectares of land where the
Canadian Shield meets the St. Lawrence Lowlands and the Ottawa River meets
the Gatineau River.


Nutritional Dinner

Group Exercise: Vision Boarding Workshop will begin immediately following dinner, allowing the women to further explore what they wish to create in their future. A special technique will be used during this
session that helps bring the entire exercise to life and helps the women own their intentions.

Fireside Chat with an accomplished and inspiring women leader – Guest Speaker

Day 3 – Building Momentum


Begin the day with Meditation and Yoga

Nutritional Breakfast

Training Session: Retreat leader will guide the women through the creation of (Step 5) “A Realistic and Results Oriented Action Plan”, which will include a 4-month, 1-year, 2-year and 3-year tactical action plan and creating the momentum necessary to moving forward. Setting goals and intentions down on paper is a powerful act, moving you closer to realizing them.


Nutritional Lunch

Guest Speaker: Nutrition and Energy Medicine Specialist discussing the role energy healing plays in true healing of mind, body and spirit.

Group Exercise: Collaborative Daily Inspirations Postcards© & Appreciation Exercise designed to provide the women with a motivational tool they can turn to following the retreat in their daily lives.

Pozentivity Retreat Closing Ceremony will conclude at 4:30 p.m. participants may choose to return home or continue to benefit from the Nordik Spa-Nature facilities.

Note: Participants will receive a detailed agenda within their Pozentivity Retreat
Welcome Package, which will be mailed to them upon registration.

Marguerite Mcleod-Fleming, MBA

Associate Facilitator and Curriculum Designer 

Marguerite Mcleod-Fleming is an experienced Leadership, Sales and Innovative Thinking Strategist focused on helping women navigating the non-linear path to success. In her work with Gender Intelligence Group, she led seminars and led strategy to help organizations develop pathways for women to succeed. Marguerite is a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and HUMANGRID® Assessment practitioner. She is the founder and Managing Partner of Innovation Culture

Group a boutique consulting firm focused on helping organizations approach their business with a fresh thinking to drive product, service and product efficiencies. Marguerite received her MBA from the Schulich School of Business in 2001, where her studies spanned the fields of strategic management and organization development.

Her work in the area of creative and inventive thinking is driving the conversation of how to create a systematically proven creative process in any organization. Marguerite lives in Toronto and is the proud mother of two boys.

Mary Luciani, CNP

Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Fitness & Nutrition

After retiring from an accomplished 36-year career with the Federal Government, Mary Luciani went back to school and graduated with honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. She is a seasoned runner who has run countless races and has always being passionate about running, donating her time & experience to inspire and coach those interested in running, from novices in Learn to Run Clinics to Marathoners. Coupled with that, Mary also has an affection for holistic health and can now compliment her running experience by recommending organic, clean alternatives to the conventional performance aids.

For those simply interested in a healthier lifestyle, Mary can help clients their achieve goals of healthy weight management, improved digestion and increased energy. Each client’s unique biochemistry, lifestyle and eating habits are reviewed before customized recommendations are made. Highlighted in her nutrition plans are healthy, clean, balanced eating and lifestyle habits that will set the groundwork for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.

Mary is passionate about giving back. She delivers complimentary “Guest Speaker” sports-nutrition talks at various Running Room Clinics and volunteers nutrition education presentations & food demos with the After Care Program by Passion2bfree, a program that makes it possible for those suffering from addiction to rebuild their lives.

Tracy McBurney, B.A. RNCP, EMP

Energy Medicine Practitioner, Registered Nutritionist,
Author, Inspirational Speaker

A graduate of the University of Toronto, Tracy holds a Bachelor of Arts. She is also a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

A gifted teacher, she has designed and taught courses in nutrition and mind/body/spirit connection for almost twenty years at such schools as: the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, the Canadian Institute of Holistic Nutrition, the Institute of Aromatherapy, Living Earth School of Natural Therapies, and the Homeopathic College of Canada. She continues to teach the courses that are her passion, Nutritional Symptomatology, Advanced Cleansing Protocols and many Mind, Body Spirit courses with much emphasis on Kinesiology modalities.

Her thriving private practice incorporates her nutritional expertise with many specialized energy therapies, making her a pioneer in the field of understanding the spiritual technologies within us, resulting in a unique form of healing that helps people to move toward true integration of mind, body and spirit.

In addition to her regular teaching curriculum, she also offers private and corporate-sponsored small talks and workshops. Tracy’s unique combination of knowledge, intuitive gifts, communication skills, and her dynamic and interactive style make her a highly effective teacher who inspires and motivates her students and clients alike to make positive changes in their lives.

Shannon Nicole, RHN

Partner & Director of Business Development, Pozentivity Inc. / SheEO™
Activator & Holistic Nutritionist

Health and fitness are Shannon’s life passions! She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Les Mills Certified BodyStep Instructor, a Canfit Pro Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist, a Certified My Bootcamp Instructor and a Reiki Practitioner. Shannon has helped numerous clients improve their health and achieve their fitness goals by being an enthusiastic motivator who is an advocate for real food that delivers the most nutritional benefits to the body. She believes in making long lasting positive lifestyle changes that will remain in her clients lives and become their new habits incessantly.

She is a driven professional who enjoys a challenge both physically and mentally. Shannon has held many positions in a variety of businesses one of which was her own healthy products company.

Her knowledge of nutrition and fitness, along with her excellent sales, communication, business planning and marketing skills make her the perfect fit for the Director of Business Development at Pozentivity. Her keenness for sales and business development comes from her enjoyment in building exceptional relationships and her strive to meet and exceed goals. Shannon is a diverse dynamic woman who always tries to find the “poZENtive” in life. She is also a SheEO Activator.

Jennifer Ladouceur, MBA, Ec.D.

President & Founder of Pozentivity Inc. / Super SheEO™ Activator

Jennifer is driven by constantly challenging the status quo. While taking a diverse career path holding leadership roles in the private and public sectors, she has always been committed to thinking differently, innovating, and creating positive change, while building strong teams and inspiring those around her to achieve new heights.

Jennifer’s successfully co-founded Ideacia ONE Inc., a national business strategy, marketing, grants and M&A consulting firm with offices across Canada, which was sold to a global tax firm “Ryan ULC”. Most recently, in her previous role as the Director of Economic Development and Culture at the City of Vaughan, she was responsible for founding the Vaughan International Commercialization Centre created to help companies to commercialize technologies into North America from Israel, China and Italy.

As one of the founding SheEO™ Activators in Canada, Jennifer is proud to consider herself a SheEO™, defined by Founder, Vicki Saunders, as “a women who leverages their passions and strengths to create businesses that build new models, new mindsets, and new solutions for a better world.” The creation of Pozentivity represents one of those new models, mindsets and solutions for professional women.

A passionate public speaker, Jennifer regularly speaks to business leaders and emcees TEDx events. Jennifer has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Athabasca University, a Masters Certificate in Municipal Leadership from Schulich School of Business, a Certificate in Economic Development from the University of Waterloo and Harvard Business School’s ManageMentor Program. She holds an economic development designation from the Economic Development Association of Canada (Ec.D.) and International Economic Development Council (CEcD).

All her personal and professional experiences have led Jennifer to this point: the founding of Pozentivity Inc., having recognized a need in the market for career-oriented women to escape their busy lives and focus on self-reflection and professional development.

Yoga Instructor – To Be Announced

Retreat’s Shared Accommodations

Le Nordik Nature Spa

Le Nordik Nature-Spa is located at 16 Chemin, Nordik, Chelsea (Québec). It is North America’s largest spa offering 7 outdoor baths, 8 unique saunas, infinity pool, massage or body treatment and their new Källa treatment which is the only the second salt-water floating pool in the world!

Nordik Lodge

Alpina Lodge

Many of the “Living Your Authentic Life” retreat sessions will be held in the Alpina Lodge, which is perched atop Nordik road. The Alpina Lodge offers stunning views of the Gatineau Hills and downtown Ottawa. The lodge will also act as a home base for retreat guests during the day, while in session or during self-reflection, personal and/or spa time; and in the evening as overnight accommodations.

For a virtual tour of the Aplina Lodge, click here

Local Hotels

Should you prefer staying on your own at a local hotel at your own expense, here are some options.

Hilton Lac-Leamy

The Hilton Lac-Leamy is located at 3, Boulevard du Casino, Gatineau-Ottawa, Quebec, only 10 Kilometers from Le Nordik Nature Spa and only five minutes from downtown Ottawa, the nation’s capital. The hotel is situated on the shores of Leamy Lake and is interconnected to the spectacular Casino du Lac-Leamy. The renovated hotel offers 349 rooms with exceptional lake views, complimentary WiFi and amenities for a relaxing stay. Rates from $299 per night.

Click here to reserve your room online today!

Hotel V

Hotel V is located at 585 Boulevard de la Gappe, Gatineau, Quebec, situated in the beautiful Outaouais region, it is 16.9 Kilometers from Le Nordik Nature Spa and only minutes from Ottawa. At this modern up to date hotel you can choose from one of their 88 recently renovated and refurnished comfortable rooms or their newly added 29 urban style rooms. This 4-star establishment ensures the comfort and well-being of its guest. Rates from $288 per night.

Room reservations can be made at www.hotelv.ca

Transportation: Participants are responsible for their transportation to and from the retreats.

Travel aboard the Ottawa train and take advantage of perks like a comfortable seat, ample leg room and power outlets at every seat. Choose from Escape, Economy or Business class. Via Rail makes travel time an efficient and economical solution. To plan your trip with Via Rail, go to  www.viarail.com

Take a convenient flight to Ottawa with the award winning Porter Airlines. For flight times and booking go to www.flyporter.com

Driving Directions from Toronto to Hilton Lac-Leamy

Take Hwy-401 East to Exit 721A.

Take ramp on right to HWY-416 North/ RTE-416 North toward Ottawa / Kemptville (75.0 km.)

Take ramp right for HWY-417 East / RTE-417 East toward Ottawa (10.4 km.)

At exit 122, take ramp right and follow signs for Parkdale Ave. / Av. Parkdale (0.2 km.)

Turn left onto RR-71 / Avenue Parkdale / Parkdale Ave (1.6 km.)

Take ramp right for Promenade De Sir John A MacDonald / Sir John A MacDonald Pkwy toward Est / East (1.9 km.)

Keep straight onto Ottawa River Pkwy / Promenade de l’Outaouais / Wellington Rue / Wellington St (0.3 km.)

Turn left onto Pont du Portage / Portage Bridge (0.6 km.)

Road name changes to Boulevard Maisonneuve (1.6 km.)

Keep straight onto Boulevard Fournier (0.3 km.)

Take ramp left for AUT-5 North toward Aylmer / Maniwaki (2.0 km.)

At exit 3, take ramp right for Boul. du Casino toward Boul. St-Raymond / Pontiac (0.4 km.)

Turn right onto Boulevard du Casino (0.1 km.)

Arrive at Hilton Lac- Leamy, 3 Boulevard du Casino, Gatineau, QC J8Y 6X4, Canada (0.0 km.)

Driving Directions from Toronto to Hotel V

Take HWY 401 E to Exit 721A for ON-416 N toward Kemptville/Ottawa

Continue onto ON-416 N (71.4 km)

Take exit 75B to merge onto Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-417 E toward Ottawa (13.1 km)

Keep left to stay on Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-417 E (1.6 km)
Take exit 118 for Nicholas Street/Rue Nicholas toward Gatineau/Autoroute 5 (650 m)

Continue onto Nicholas St (1.6 km)

Continue onto Waller St/Ottawa Regional Rd 97 (220 m)

Turn right onto Besserer St (280 m)

Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto King Edward Ave/Ottawa Regional Rd 99 N (1.7 km)

Continue onto Macdonald-Cartier Bridge N Entering Québec (270 m)

Continue onto Autoroute 5 N (950 m)

Take exit 2 to merge onto Autoroute 50 E/QC-148 E toward Montréal

Continue to follow Autoroute 50 E (4.0 km)

Take exit 140 for Boulevard La Gappe (350 m)

Turn left onto Boulevard de la Gappe (signs for Boulevard La Gappe E)

Arrive at Hotel V, 585 Boulevard de la Gappe, Gatineau, QC J8T 8N7

Driving Directions from 401 East Toronto to Ottawa
449 km. About 4 hours 18 mins

Merge onto Ontario 401 Express (23.0 km)

Merge onto ON-401 E (319 km)

Take exit 721A for ON-416 N toward Kemptville/Ottawa (3.5 km)

Continue onto ON-416 N (71.4 km)

Take exit 75B to merge onto Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-417 E toward Ottawa (13.1 km)

Take exit 120 for Kent Street (0.4 km)

Merge onto Kent St/Ottawa Regional Rd 83 (1.2 km)

Turn right onto Slater St/Ottawa 40 (0.6 km)

Turn left at the 3rd cross street onto Metcalfe St (82 m)

Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Albert St/Ottawa 42 (65 m)

Driving Directions from 401 East Toronto/Trans Canada HWY/ON 7 to Ottawa

Merge onto ON-401 E (144 km)

Take exit 544 for ON-37 toward Tweed/Belleville (0.4 km)

Turn right onto ON-37 N (43.9 km)

Turn right onto Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-7 (signs for Perth) (153 km)

Take the Ontario 417 E exit toward Ottawa (1.1 km)

Merge onto Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-417 E (signs for Ottawa) (26.4 km)

Take exit 120 for Kent Street (0.4 km)

Merge onto Kent St/Ottawa Regional Rd 83 (1.2 km)

Turn right onto Slater St/Ottawa 40 (0.6 km)

Turn left at the 3rd cross street onto Metcalfe St (82 m)

Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Albert St/Ottawa 42
Destination will be on the right (65 m)

“Living an Authentic Life”
(3-DAY) RETREAT – Only $1,499 (All Inclusive)

  • Pozentivity Retreat Welcome Package
  • Pre-Retreat Self-Assessment
  • Pozentivity Retreat Arrival Package
  • Leadership, Self-Discovery and Wellness Program
  • Morning Mediation and Yoga Sessions
  • Access to Nordik Nature-Spa Facilities
  • Special Surprise Activity
  • Nutritious meals and snacks throughout the 3-Day Retreat
  • Shared Accomodations in On-site Lodges (Alpina + Nordik)
  • Follow-up Coaching Session
  • 1-Complimentary Follow-up Master Mind Session

Have a professional training budget at your work? This retreat at its core focuses on Executive Women Leadership development, created by award winning university professor and MBA graduates. Need help selling it to your organization? Let us know, we can help you!

Special Offer for SheEO Activators!
Please contact Shannon@Pozentivity.com for a special offer.

Meals & Snacks: All meals and snacks are included.

Lodging: Shared accommodations in on-site Nordik + Alpina Lodges.

Transportation: Participants are responsible for their transportation to and from the retreats.

Booking: Space is very limited for our group retreats, so payment in full is required at the time of booking for all Pozentivity retreats. If you cancel your retreat more than ten (10) business days in advance of your arrival date, Pozentivity Inc. will issue you a credit, which may be used within one year from the cancellation date.

If you cancel five business days or less before you are scheduled to arrive, the entire amount paid is non-refundable. Pozentivity Inc. will only be liable for monies it has received, and not for any other expenses you may incur as a result of your cancellation. If, while on a retreat, you are unable to attend any specific session or do not finish the retreat there is no prorated refund.

Who can attend?

All women are welcome. This retreat has been designed for women who are career oriented and or are going through a major transition in their lives in their professional or personal lives. A transition could be a career change or even entering retirement. Personal changes could include anything from starting a family, dealing with a marriage break-up or everyday stressors.

How is the Pozentivity experience different from other retreats?

What makes Pozentivity unique is our balance between personal and professional development, leadership development, high-end spa experiences, relaxation, and peer to
peer networking. We focus on the mind, body and soul as well as the ambitions of career-oriented women.

We have world class speakers in the health and wellness industry and an extensive network of highly accomplished entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our women leadership program has been designed by a well-known and respected professor with components of it based off of Harvard University research.

You will leave our retreats with the tools you need for continued success on your journey to finding your life balance. Our leadership program will motivate you, our speakers will inspire you and you will be EMPOWERED!

What will the spa locations be like?

Each retreat location has been meticulously chosen for its high end experience. You will relax, learn and reflect in extraordinary surroundings.

Upon booking your Pozentivity retreat you will receive our welcome package with all of the details that your retreat will have to offer.

What is included in my stay?

All of your meals, shared accommodations and access to the spa during the retreat. Some spa treatments will be available at an additional charge. Again, each location will vary, your welcome package will have everything you need to know about your stay.

What will the meals be like?

The entire meal plan has been selected by a registered nutritionist. All meals will be prepared by accomplished chefs. Where possible we will have the chef join our group to show the women how some of the food is prepared and to have a fun demonstration. You will enjoy first class dining experiences! Although the food will be heathy we promise is will be delicious.

Is Alcohol included?

No, however alcohol will be available on the retreats grounds at an additional charge.

How many women will there be on each 3-day retreat?

Each retreat will have a maximum of 20 women. Thus creating the perfect atmosphere for you to connect and collaborate with your peers both on a personal and professional level. This intimate atmosphere allows for maximum learning potential and quiet moments for relaxation, reflection and self-exploration.

What to bring?

Each location will vary slightly. Once you have booked your retreat you will receive our welcome package that will include all of the details about your retreat. Some examples of what you may be asked to bring are…

  • Bathing Suit
  • Sandals
  • Business Casual attire for guest speakers and leadership programs
  • Business cards
  • Positive and open mind
  • Among some other items

What is the cancellation policy?

Space is very limited for our group retreats, so payment in full is required at the time of booking for all Pozentivity retreats. If you cancel your retreat more than ten (10) business days in advance of your arrival date, Pozentivity Inc. will issue you a credit, which may be used within one year from the cancellation date.

If you cancel five business days or less before you are scheduled to arrive, the entire amount paid is non-refundable. Pozentivity Inc. will only be liable for monies it has received, and not for any other expenses you may incur as a result of your cancellation. If, while on a retreat, you are unable to attend any specific session or do not finish the retreat there is no prorated refund.

Can I register solo?

Absolutely! In fact, participating on a retreat with women you have never met before has some advantages, including being in a safe and supportive environment where you can really open up and be yourself with no judgement.

Is transportation to the hotel included?

Participants are responsible for their transportation to and from the retreats. Once the retreats have begun, all transfers associated to Pozentivity activities will be covered by Pozentivity Inc.

Is transportation to and from the hotel to the spa included?

No, participants are responsible for making their way to and from the retreat. Should any activities take place off site during the retreat we will take care of the transportation.

Is the hotel included?

Each retreat will be different. Please refer to the Retreat page of the site for details.

Pozentivity Inc. is focused on helping professional women thrive in all areas of their lives by embracing leadership from within.

The peer-to-peer premium retreats focus on “Living an Authentic Life”, which includes active learning experiences around (1) Self + Mindfulness, (2) Work + Life, and (3) Health + Wellness. All retreats will be held in exclusive premium spas and resorts around the world.

Women will come away from this unique experience with higher levels of professional focus, personal clarity, calmness and confidence.

Our retreats are designed to help participants step away from their hectic, high-stress lives and focus on achieving:

1. Positive Self + Mindfulness
2. Positive Work + Life
3. Positive Health + Nature


  • Heightened sense of self-awareness and living in the moment.
  • Removal of self-limiting beliefs.
  • Higher level of self-confidence and empowerment.
  • Finding a sense of purpose and passion for life.



  • Clarification of life, career and personal goals.
  • Awareness of personal and professional strengths.
  • Uncover innovative solutions to personal and professional challenges/opportunities.
  • Expanded peer support network with an opportunity to network with like-minded women in leadership roles in an inclusive, relaxing environment centered on wellness.



  • Skills necessary to make positive changes in your life.
  • Explore how to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Nutritional tips and access to resources.
  • Inspiration and motivation to take your life to the next level.
  • Relaxation and regeneration.

Characteristics of Living a Pozentivity Lifestyle

Living a Pozentivity lifestyle involves 10 characteristics. These characteristics and approaches to living a positive life enable women to be their best selves: their authentic selves.


1. Awareness that you are enough today.

2. Acknowledgement that you have the power to achieve what you envision.

3. Being your empowered authentic self.

4. Seeing value in making time to reflect, recharge and pivot if necessary


5. Being an enlightened leader with vision, determination and drive. Dedicated to helping others succeed.

6. Committed to breaking the status quo, creating new mindsets and new solutions.

7. Fearless, willing to take a risk in order to move a vision forward.


8. Responsible for your own health, happiness and well-being.

9. Connected with nature and your community.

10. Living in the moment, with a heightened sense of gratitude, awareness of all possibilities, and purpose.

You have the potential to achieve great things in your life by starting with a deep appreciation for what is important to you in your life. Recognizing what is important can mean taking risks and challenging the status quo.

Pozentivity retreats are designed specifically for professional women who want to create an extraordinary life for themselves and those around them.

Let us help you learn more about yourself and what you are capable of achieving, overcoming and creating!

This retreat is designed to help you…

  • Relax, quite your mind and rediscover your Authentic Self
  • Clarify your life’s purpose and achieve clarity of mind
  • Identify your strengths and believe in yourself
  • Reduce your stress and increase your energy levels
  • Be healthier, happier, calmer and stronger more often
  • Connect with other extraordinary women leaders
  • Achieve what’s possible personally and professionally
  • Increase your productivity and efficiency
  • Recalibrate and move forward

Are you in?

We look forward to hearing from you and are available to answer your questions and are committed to taking you on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and leadership development.

Pozentivity Inc.

Jennifer Ladouceur, President & Founder

Shannon Nicole, Partner / Director of Business Development

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