The Challenge

Organizations with women in at least 30% of leadership roles are 12 time more likely to be in the top 20% of financial performers! And yet, women are still significantly underrespresented in leadership positions, more likely to be found in lower-level than higher-level leadership roles, particularly in traditionally male dominated industries.*

*Study: “Ready-Now Leaders: Cultivating Women in Leadership to Meat Tomorrow’s Business Challenges, Global Leadership Forecast 2015”

The Program

All the studies on women leadership recognize that the existing women leadership programs are simply not working, and are missing a number of critical elements. Our program addresses what’s missing in the existing programs and is designed based on helping women to take a journey of self-discovery; as well as professional development.


We have incorporated Harvard University women leadership research and conducted indepth consultations with industry experts and human resources leaders. Sessions require minimum five to a maximum of 20 participants. Participants can consist of existing women leadreship and aspiring leadership. The program includes the following:

  1. Internal Rview & Situational Analysis, Goal Setting and Creation of Key Performance Indicators
  2. Creation of a customized Women Leadership Program
  3. Personal Self-Assessments & Reports for all Participants
  4. Kick-off Event /1-Day Retreat Lead by Pozentivity
  5. Monthly ‘Fierce + Feminine Leadership Program’ (12 Sessions)
  6. Concluding 1-Day Retreat, with Meaningful Closing Ceremony
  7. OngoingSupport, Resources and Pozentivity Membership Benefits

Women with effective Women Leadership programs are more:

  • Confident in their Leadership Abilities, by 21%
  • Engage & Innovative, by 11%
  • Loyal to Staying with the Company, by 67%

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