Meet the Founder

Jennifer Ladouceur, MBA, Ec.D.
Founder & President, Pozentivity Inc. / Super SheEO™ Activator

Jennifer is driven by constantly challenging the status quo. While taking a diverse career path holding leadership roles in the private and public sectors, she has always been committed to thinking differently, innovating, and creating positive change, while building strong teams and inspiring those around her to achieve new heights.

Jennifer’s successfully co-founded Ideacia ONE Inc., a national business strategy, marketing, grants and M&A consulting firm with offices across Canada, which was sold to a global tax firm “Ryan ULC”. Most recently, in her previous role as the Director of Economic Development and Culture at the City of Vaughan, she was responsible for founding the Vaughan International Commercialization Centre created to help companies to commercialize technologies into North America from Israel, China and Italy.

As one of the founding SheEO™ Activators in Canada, Jennifer is proud to consider herself a SheEO™, defined by Founder, Vicki Saunders, as “a women who leverages their passions and strengths to create businesses that build new models, new mindsets, and new solutions for a better world.” The creation of Pozentivity represents one of those new models, mindsets and solutions for professional women.

A passionate public speaker, Jennifer regularly speaks to business leaders and emcees TEDx events. Jennifer has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Athabasca University, a Masters Certificate in Municipal Leadership from Schulich School of Business, a Certificate in Economic Development from the University of Waterloo and Harvard Business School’s ManageMentor Program. She holds an economic development designation from the Economic Development Association of Canada (Ec.D.) and International Economic Development Council (CEcD).

All her personal and professional experiences have led Jennifer to this point: the founding of Pozentivity Inc., having recognized a need in the market for career-oriented women to escape their busy lives and focus on self-reflection and professional development.

Her Personal Story

Imagine if you were told that at a young age you would…

  • Grow-up in a home where you were constantly walking on eggshells for fear of upsetting a mother with a serious mental health illness.
  • Learn that you have dyslexia in grade school and be made to feel stupid by bullies in the classroom and even be told to temper your expectations for going to university.
  • Watch your parents constant fighting that would lead to a divorce.
  • Leave home at the young age of 17 in search of a peaceful home life.
  • Discover you have stage four cancer also at the age of 17 and undergo aggressive chemotherapy, losing a year of school due to the illness. 
  • Become pregnant at the age of 18 after being told by doctors that you wouldn’t be able to ever have children due to the aggressive cancer treatments.
  • Get married at the age of 18 and by the age of 35 experience multiple failed marriages.
  • As a single mom of two, work full-time, write business plans evenings and weekends to make much needed money to support your children, and attend university.
  • Learn of your father’s tragic motorcycle accident, losing the only parent who loved you unconditionally.

What would you say are the statistical chances of someone being successful at achieving their life long academic, professional and personal dreams having experienced all these challenges in their life? Many would say not very high.

These were my life experiences.

Having these obstacles made me more driven, determined and dedicated to succeed, and made me more creative and resourceful in finding ways to make it happen. I was forced to look at every situation from multiple perspectives in order to find creative solutions. Many of these lessons and skills I have been able to carry forward in my life today. 

There were times in my life where I found myself giving into what others were saying and questioned my own ability to achieve these goals. Something amazing happened when I stopped listening to people who said I couldn’t, those who put doubts into my mind. When I stopped listening to the negativity and instead believed in my heart it was possible, I worked harder, I persevered, and I began achieving what others didn’t believe I could do!

I embraced the mantra “Failure is Not an Option,” and with this new perspective I was able to:

  • Graduate from university with an MBA. In addition to earning a Master’s Certificate in Municipal Leadership, Certificate in Economic Development, and Harvard Business School’s ManageMentor Program, and obtain my Canadian and International professional designation in Economic Development.
  • Travel across Europe exploring France, Italy, Germany, England and many other countries around the world.
  • Establish a successful business consulting firm that expanded across Canada and was successfully sold to a large multi-national tax firm
  • Be entrepreneurial within a government setting by launching the Vaughan International Commercialization Centre.
  • Win multiple national marketing awards and the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Business Category.
  • Have an amazing family with seven incredible children ranging in ages from 4 to 22, and a very supportive and loving husband.
  • Be at the point in my life where I am now starting the journey of writing a book, which will be released in 2017 and launching a new venture.

It has taken me 40 years to overcome many of the challenges in my life and arrive at a place where I can say I have achieved inner peace, clarity of thought and happiness.

I am passionate and excited about launching Pozentivity Inc. and committed to making a difference in women’s lives and creating experiences that will help others to reach new heights and achieve what, at times, may feel impossible. Anything is possible!

Jennifer Ladouceur
Foudner & President, Pozentivity Inc./Super SheEO Activator

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