Custom Leadership Retreats and Event Planning

Are you planning a retreat or workshop?

We can help! As a direct extension of  your team we will work with you to understand your goals, establish a budget and strategically plan from beginning to end your entire leadership retreat or workshop. 

With expensive experience in event planning, leadership, strategic planning, health & wellness and marketing we can create the perfect program for you, bring highly qualified trainers and ensure a seamless implementation and follow-up. We are committed to getting results! 

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Authentic Leadership Approach

self + mindfulness

work + leadership

health + nature

A unique approach and experience...

We help you create experiences that balance the benefits of traditional Professional Development retreats with Health & Wellness activities.

Our team as extensive experience in creating engaging retreats, event organization and conference planning. 

Benefits to Investing in Women Leaders

Businesses benefit from...

  • Increased profitability 
  • Heightened levels of creativity and innovation
  • Higher retention and engagement 
  • Stronger teams, increased collaboration 
  • Overall better corporate cultures

Women benefit from...

  • Increased levels of confidence and self-awareness
  • Stronger abilities to successfully navigate her career
  • Feelings of being supported and appreciated
  • Ability to harness her creativity and innovate
  • Stronger support networks
  • Ability to find a better balance between work/life

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